To promote Anderson Center for Autism’s yearly participation in Corporate Compliance Week, I was tasked with designing promotional materials in the form of a physical poster, a silent television bump (on closed-circuit televisions), and an outdoor display that uses three vertical televisions. The event was conducted mostly through email and designed to educate/remind staff of various rules, regulations, and ethics policies by offering chances to win prizes when trivia questions are answered.

Given the dry nature of the topics, it was designed to be as unique as possible to differentiate it from items typically displayed in these mediums around campus. Additional consideration was taken into designing something that students and residents of Anderson Center for Autism would enjoy seeing.

Due to the wide age groups of employees working there, the resurgence of 1980/1990s designs in modern-day, and the unique look/colors used, it was determined that an 80s/90s fusion theme may be the best approach for branding the event.

Silent television bump displayed internally on closed-circuit television. Free already existing CC0 stock videos from were used in various scenes throughout the video. 

The outdoor televisions did not sync up screens, which made the display challenging to design for. Extra thought was put into how to make the displays agree, no matter what frame they were on.

Posted with permission from Anderson Center for Autism.
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