To promote Anderson Center for Autism’s yearly participation in Corporate Compliance Week, I was tasked with designing promotional materials in the form of a silent television bump (on closed-circuit televisions), a second static image tv bump to advertise giveaways and a poster. The event was conducted mostly through email and designed to educate/remind staff of various rules, regulations, and ethics policies.

Given the dry nature of the topics, it was designed to be as unique as possible to differentiate it from items typically displayed in these mediums around campus. Additional consideration was taken into designing something that students and residents of Anderson Center for Autism would enjoy seeing.

Due to the wide age groups of employees working there, the resurgence of 1980s designs in modern-day, and the unique look/colors used, it was determined that an 80s theme may be the best approach for branding the event.

It was decided late in development that the video television bump should include the phrase “Good Documentation Saves the Day” and to have an additional mention of the importance of proper documentation. Given the time constraints, it was determined that the best approach to meet this goal would be to present the information after a fake channel change. This would allow the information to not appear fragmented from the original message.

Static television bump promoting free giveaways during the event.

A slight tweak in approach was made for the physically printed poster format. While still maintaining the design language of the TV bumps, the poster emulated the artwork you’d see on blank VHS boxes. This was done to have the theme transition over better to a physical space and work to grab the most attention.

Printed poster designed to emulate the look of blank VHS art.

Software and Tools used:

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Sony a7Rii (for photos of giveaway items).

Posted with permission from Anderson Center for Autism.
All Rights Reserved.