To promote Anderson Center for Autism’s yearly participation in Corporate Compliance Week, I was tasked with designing promotional materials in the form of a physical poster, a silent television bump (on closed-circuit televisions), and an outdoor display that uses three vertical televisions. The event was conducted mostly through email and designed to educate/remind staff of


As the novel coronavirus continues to destroy families and communities, another threat is looming with our increased face mask and glove waste that is being littered in our streets and ocean. While the effects of the pandemic are harshly felt today, global warming continues to be an ongoing threat to humanity at large. Disposable face


Internal video campaign for Anderson Center for Autism I was tasked with designing a promotional video to make staff aware of the positive comments which were received from family members at Anderson Center for Autism. The video was displayed internally on silent closed-circuit televisions. All illustration assets were designed in Adobe Photoshop and the animation